Sunrise Co-operative Housing Inc.

Location of properties: Mount Barker, Nairne

Number of properties and tenants:  Properties    11       Tenants   14

Purpose of co-operative: To continue to work together as a group towards the provision of affordable and appropriate housing for people on low incomes or those who are socially disadvantaged, within the Adelaide Hills region.

Brief history of co-operative: Sunrise commenced in 2005 after splitting from Hills Housing Co-operative to form a new group whose aim was to seek further housing for people who were not able to afford their own homes. Most of our tenants are in the older age bracket.

The name Sunrise was chosen to imply a new dawn with renewed work towards hope for future co-operation between members and other groups seeking growth within community housing through partnerships with councils etc.

We joined CEHSA with this intent, and continue to pursue this aim to open up more possibilities for people who are willing to work within our Co-operative to ensure its future success.

Some of the achievements of the co-operative: We have been the recipient of various grants to obtain office equipment, gutter guard and garden items for our members.  We have maintained our work over the past decade of uncertainty and change within the sector.

We installed solar panels on all of our houses in 2011, financed from our savings.

Some of the benefits of being in a co-operative: Providing affordable housing for our members.

The benefits of being a member of CEHSA: We joined CEHSA to become part of a larger body which could provide more possibilities for our members and future as a Co-operative.  CEHSA’s management of our rent reviews, financials, reporting, creditor payments and BAS lodgements has assisted us, along with the intervention between CEHSA and the NRS, which has saved us a significant amount work by not having to register our Co-operative separately.