Slovanic Life Housing Co-operative Ltd.

Location of properties: Sheidow Park, Mitchell Park, Trott Park, Old Reynella, Seacombe Gardens, Sturt, Edwardstown

Number of properties and tenants:  Properties    13       Tenants   22

Purpose of co-operative: To provide affordable housing to people who suffered hardship through immigration. That was the purpose of the original group and we still try to select such tenants, with Polish migrants chosen where possible.

Brief history of co-operative: The original co-operative was founded by 3 or 4 Polish immigrants who had lost everything when they came to Australia. Slowly they formed the Slovanic Life Co-operative, and it was run in the Polish language until the last 4 years.

Some of the achievements of the co-operative: We have provided a safe haven for people who needed help to get decent, well maintained houses.  We have transitioned smoothly into the new entity as required by legislation.

Some of the benefits of being in a co-operative: For those of us who have been long term members of the co-operative, membership has provided security and affordable, well-maintained housing.

The benefits of being a member of CEHSA: CEHSA has provided approachable, dependable assistance for making the necessary transition to the new entity. Practical guidance and support has been provided to help us comply with all the new legislative requirements.