Phoenix Housing Co-operative Inc.

Location of properties: Goodwood, Edwardstown, Ascot Park, Oaklands Park, Plympton, Dover Gardens

Number of properties and tenants:  Properties         Tenants   8

Purpose of co-operative: To provide housing on a co-operative basis for low income households, particularly households in financial need who are single parents, sole grandparents and sole persons.

Brief history of co-operative: Phoenix is a newly named group of 8 members, originally called ‘Isis’ (after the ancient Egyptian goddess of health, marriage and wisdom) when it was formed by 7 sole parents in 1987.  Much has changed since then – houses have come and gone, members have moved on, and housing needs for members have changed, as children have grown. The name change to ‘Phoenix’ fits well with our new vision of renewal.

Some of the achievements of the co-operative: Since 1987, the co-operative has shown itself to be the stable constant that has sustained many single parents and their families. With now only a single founding member remaining, we acknowledge the legacy created by those determined individuals all those years ago.

Some of the benefits of being in a co-operative: Being a member tenant of Phoenix means to have a commitment to the people involved, to want to work co-operatively, and to play your part. Benefits include having autonomy over your housing, which become ‘homes’, and also having a sense of a community that shares a vision, made up of individuals who are prepared to work towards it.

The benefits of being a member of CEHSA: Being a member of CEHSA means that ‘the hard work’ is taken away – running the co-operative remains the same, but compliance issues are no longer a burden, and its unique structure means that we still maintain individual and community autonomy, and feel supported into the future.