How to Apply


You and anyone on your registration of interest form must:

  • Live in South Australia
  • Not own or part-own a home
  • Meet the income and asset eligibility limits or have a need that cannot be met by private rental accommodation

Additional criteria may also apply if you are registering interest in community housing.

Before you start

  • Get copies of proof of income and identity for everyone on your registration of interest form aged 16 and over
  • Identify the areas and types of houses you would be prepared to live in

If you have special circumstances which you want to be considered, include evidence of this.

How to register interest in Housing Co-operatives

Housing Co-operative housing is a type of community housing. The organisations are not-for-profit housing providers democratically managed by their members (who are usually also tenants) in line with the International Co-operative Principles.

Member-tenants must actively participate, co-operate and communicate with other member-tenants to run their housing co-operative. This requires a significant commitment depending on the role and activities required.

To Register for Housing Co-operatives 

Identify the provider you think is right for you – see our list of Member Organisations.  Make sure they have properties in the areas you are seeking

Complete the Registration Of Interest form Housing Co-ops Common Equity and post or email the completed form with supporting documents to us